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01 about us

NBAPES is an NFT project created by our family of four. Being a part of the web3 industry over the last year, we wanted to create a project that upholds transparency, stability, and longevity within our whole community. Our NFT's are inspired by the game of basketball. Our goal is to reward you, the holder, with unique real life utilities.

“We don’t have friends, we have family”

This was taken on the way home after going to a Basquiat exhibition_edited_edited.jpg

02 gallery

03 roadmap

phase 1

The 2022 NBAPES Draft. The Retro Collection is our special OG Collection featuring an undisclosed amount and will be ready very soon. Fill out the OG Form to draft your NBAPES today.


Each Retro NFT secures two WL spots, plus a bonus third for free for our upcoming 2.0 Collection. Upon minting the allocated two from our 2.0 Collection you will receive one additional 2.0 Collection NBAPES for free, (buy two NFT’s, receive one NFT free).


Access to exclusive OG giveaways, merchandise and more.


Once we fill up our OG list, that’s it for OG’s. WL will be next.


All the traits are being hand-drawn in preparation for our main 2.0 collection as well as future collections.

phase 2

NBAPES will be working with our own in house custom artist who is also one of our co-founders to create the 2.0 Collection of 2,022 Apes.


Each 2.0 Collection NBAPES that you hold gives you access to Phase 3, 4, 5 and so on in our Roadmap.


If you think we're done there, guess again.


25% of the 2.0 Collection NBAPES have NBAPES branded merchandise clothing. If your NBAPES NFT is wearing NBAPES branded merchandise (excluding jerseys), then you will receive that merchandise for free with your NFT (can only be claimed once).


If you are lucky enough to mint a Legendary NBAPES NFT, then you will receive a full NBAPES merchandise kit with other exclusive benefits, TBA.


We will be using similar traits from our Retro Collection.

phase 3

As a holder of the NBAPES 2.0 Collection, you will have access to our raffle system for our exclusive NBA Suites for the 2022/2023 Season and all future collections games upon each sellout. More info to come later.

phase 4

NBAPES exclusive Merchandise Collection drop for holders.

phase 5

Did someone say Metaverse. Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about that. We plan to acquire the correct space in order to create an NBAPES club to hang out and hold live events while we grow as a family into this Metaverse.

phase 6

Stay tuned… This is gonna be insane.

04 team


chris bishop



nicole bishop



josiah bishop

co-founder / artist


jake bishop


NBAPES Club Inc. is not affiliated with the NBA


© 2022 NBAPES Club Inc.

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